Frequently Asked Questions from Members

We can be reached at either 775-352-6900 or 800-455-4236 or by email at: [email protected].
Claims should be sent to Prominence Administrative Services, P.O. Box 50190, Sparks NV 89435-0190.
You can obtain a claim form from either your human resource/benefits department, or by contacting us. You can also print out a claim form.
On the back of your identification card is a telephone number for your preferred provider organization (PPO). Please call this number to order a directory or contact your human resource department/benefits department or go directly to your PPO’s website. A listing of PPO websites can be found here.
Call Prominence Administrative Services at one of the telephone numbers listed above, or send us a request. Communicate to the Prominence Administrative Services representative that you are in need of additional ID cards. The representative will ask for your social security number and will verify your home address. It will take approximately 2 weeks for you to receive the new cards.
Prominence Administrative Services identifies all members under the employee’s social security number. Whatever form of communication is being used must include the employee’s social security number and the employer name. This allows Prominence Administrative Services to quickly identify current eligibility information.